Feedback from some of our esteemed clients

I was moved seeing Rajendra Barve work for the first time five years ago. It is a treat to see how compassionate and understanding he is with people. His drive to share his wisdom with the world is inspiring. His ability to connect to people at their core level of being and to be present with them is magical. Raj is a kind and loving person with a gentle heart; it would be a blessing to all who work with him. Have a Beautiful and Blessed day my friend. I'm sending you lots of Love and Light.

Claudette Hayes
Inspirational Coach at LL Inspiration

Dr. Barve’s cutting-edge workshops encourage exploration of the further reaches of human potential—particularly as that relates to leadership development in today’s modern workplaces. His work with managers is motivated by a deeply felt, life-long quest for higher knowledge—rooted in the ancient traditions of spiritual wisdom. Managers and organizations that engage Dr. Barve’s services will benefit from his knowledge, wisdom and experience. I highly recommend his service to any person or organization that might need help in any of his areas of expertise.

Tom Morgan
Principal Consultant at Tom Morgan Intercultural Consulting

Dr. Rajendra Barve, an esteemed psychiatrist and trainer has designed and facilitated a couple of large group learning interventions at SKF India Limited in the past few years. It has been a very rich and rewarding experience for all of us.

His diverse background as a Psychiatrist, Writer, Lecturer, Counselor, Coach enables him to bring in realities of human behaviour and emotions, observed in clinical and non clinical settings. During the training, his background also as a author and teacher helps him to teach and illustrate seemingly subjective concepts with simplicity.

His differentiation is his ability to switch hats with ease as a Corporate trainer, Psychologist, Psychiatrist and his focus on giving importance to client needs rather than offering an off the shelf learning solution.

Abhijit Pendse
General Manager- Talent Management, SKF India Limited

In the pan India roll out of a new CNS molecule used for treatment of depression, we had engaged with Dr. Rajendra Barve. He undertook almost a dozen lecture talks in different cities across India. He conceptualized his lecture events into the most interesting story telling format from clinician's view point and yet dealing with the subject most scientifically. These sessions were not just about the product but also dealt with issues that Psychiatrists and Physicians wanted to discuss and corroborate.

Dr. Barve is an amazing personality who facilitates learning with utmost enthusiasm while engaging with the audience one on one, using subtle creative, innovative techniques. His communication skills, motivation techniques; lucid presentation style interjecting with anecdotes held the audience spell bound and in rapt attention. He won many friends all over India - some of them luminaries in the field of psychiatry. Dr. Barve's ability to understand, empathize, be compassionate coupled with his unique quality seeking to learn rather than impart knowledge won him accolades and admiration.

Suresh Gandhi
ex-New Products Development Manager, Lederle, Cyanamid India Ltd (now Wyeth India)