Resilient Mind

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson



The trauma of life builds unhealthy rigid habits and has a deep negative impact on mind and body.

Resilient mind skills are about building mind and body synergy, that prevents distress from turning into disorder.

We are born with fascinating natural reflexes to deal with the trauma of daily living. These reflexes empower us with physical and psychological abilities to adopt to the continuous changes in life.

Resilient mind is trained to

- bounce back to life

- release us from the confines of rigid thinking habits

- affirm faith in the self

- create insight into the oneness of the mind and body and life-force

We will be introducing a comprehensive programme on Mindfulness - Tough Mind, Resilient Mind and The Mindful Life very soon. Please leave your contact details using the Contact Form below. We will be in touch soon.