Keynote Speaker

Why should you invite Dr. Rajendra Barve as a Keynote Speaker?

Inspirational speaker and Mindfulness Acharya, Dr. Rajendra MD, DPM, creates knowledge through analysis of case studies and personal experiences in key note addresses. In the interactive lectures audience is turned into participants of learning that generates insights.

Dr. Rajendra received formal training as a psychiatrist and is an HRD TRAINER, FACILITATOR by design and is also a media personality. His philosophy embodies Western Medical science and soul of Eastern wisdom. In his presentations, he clarifies scientific concept of mindfulness and explains how the association of thinking brain with emotional brain (intelligence) creates state of mindfulness.

He inspires audience to wholeheartedly embrace mindfulness skills.

The content of Dr. Rajendra's presentations revolve around neuroscience, mental health, holistic healing that leads to mindful life.

Dr. Rajendra is invited to speak at several national and workshops, seminars, medical and scientific conferences in his span of 35 years of career.

The participants take home -

  • Insight into how acute and chronic life stressors lead to negative energy.
  • How to create oneness of mind, body and life force.
  • How to remain passionately engaged with purpose of life.
  • How to manage stress so distress does not turn into disorder.