Our Founder

“The secret of happiness is simple: be who you are, mindfully!” - Dr. Rajendra Barve


Rajendra has been working for people with distress - coaching and counselling them as a psychiatrist for past three and half decades, making a difference to his clients' lives. He has written several books in Marathi, to demystify and de-stigmatize the process of seeking psychological help and assistance.

He also works as an HRD trainer and coach. He is invited to communicate his expert analysis of social issues on regional and national television channels.

Listening to his inner call to spread the message of mindful life, he has now enlarged the canvas of personalized coaching to reach out to more people, through the medium of workshops and seminars.

Dr. Rajendra Barve is trained as a consultant psychiatrist and is a facilitator, coach and trainer by design. A student of Mumbai University, he topped at MD & DPM. He was at Tufts University (Boston, USA) as an observer. He has studied Behavioral Therapy at Institute of Psychiatry, Kent, London. He later taught Psychiatry in T N Medical College.

He is working as a consultant psychiatrist with his private practice in Mumbai for more than thirty-seven years and is also a visiting consultant psychiatrist at IIT Bombay. He was an elected President of the Bombay Psychiatry Society (2007-8). Recipient of the SHATAYUSHI award for contribution to mental health, he has also been felicitated as AROGYA DNYANESHWAR for writing 25 books in Marathi, to create public awareness, and demystify mental health.

He is an awardee of the Trans Asia Association of Chamber and Industries (TAACHI), for contributions to mental health (2014).